Koenraad Flamant

Pioneer of the new generation of entrepreneurial lawyers strongly believing in a proactive one-stop service with a passion for Privacy & IT and Real Estate.

A Great Match: Privacy and Real Estate

GDPR, Privacy & IT Real Estate and Company Law

When it comes to law, I have two passions: privacy & IT and real estate.

Like most people in Belgium, I have an inborn urge to build. So I have been inspired by real estate from a very early stage in my career. I’ve been around the block enough in all aspects of real estate development to know that a lawyer needs to specialise in several areas: civil law, contract law and administrative law. Company and tax law are also integral parts of real estate practice.

From childhood, I was fascinated by developments in IT. It all started in 1982 with the Sinclair ZX81, a home computer with what were then top specifications: a 3.25 MHz Z80 microprocessor, 1 KB of RAM, which could be expanded to 56 KB, and an additional 8 KB ROM to run BASIC. Then came the Sinclair QL, with a 7.5 MHz processor, 640 KB RAM and Psion software (word processor, spreadsheet and database).In the early 90s, I moved on to Windows 3.0, email and the internet. From then on, I kept firmly on top of IT developments. It’s not surprising that all this early enthusiasm would result in a passion for IT and privacy law..

My versatility, deep legal and technical knowledge and many years’ experience mean I excel as a lawyer in this unique marriage of privacy and IT law with real estate.

This dual specialisation is seen in our two brand names: DataProtectionOfficer.legal en Bxl.legal