Koenraad Flamant

Pioneer of the new generation of entrepreneurial lawyers strongly believing in a proactive one-stop service with a passion for Privacy & IT and Real Estate.


The name BXL pays homage to the early childhood years of the founder of this new practice, Koenraad FLAMANT. Born and bred in Sint-Joost-Ten-Node, he is a true Brussels boy. However, BXL primarily refers to the dynamism of Brussels and the Brussels periphery as the economic driving force of the country, but also of Europe. In the real estate industry too, the use of the English language has become very prevalent indeed. Given the universal nature of the concepts BXL and LEGAL, we have not translated this brand name. Of course, this does not mean that we will not assist you in your own mother tongue, on the contrary!

BXL.LEGAL primarily specialises in the legal and operational aspects of real estate.

Real Estate: Property Development and Asset & Property Management

  • Legal audit & co-ordination of the legal, technical, administrative and other audits (due diligence), both nationally and internationally
  • Offices, retail, shopping centres & residential
  • Drawing up pre-contractual and contractual documentation: exclusivity and confidentiality agreements, options, terms and conditions, Sales and Purchase Agreements (SPA)
  • Support with the development of brownfields
  • Contractual documents for the construction team, architects, engineers, (main) contractors, project management, delegation to contractors, property management, maintenance, safety, etc.
  • Drawing up a set of standard lease and sale agreements (continually update the content in line with legal and other changes)
  • Tailor-made tenancy, leasing and sale agreements
  • Aspects of administrative law with regard to Real Estate – See Adm. Law
  • Basic deed for co-ownership of apartments, division of the co-ownership and alternatives with regard to the management of very large apartment blocks
  • Special legislation: Breyne Act, Safety Co-ordination, etc.

Construction Law

  • Negotiating and drawing up agreements with contractors, sub-contractors, project managers, architects and engineers
  • Assistance with potential incidents during the construction process
  • Post-construction liability: ten-year liability, hidden defects, etc.
  • Insurance issues


  • • Support to the Association of Co-owners or of the individual co-owners
  • • Disputes with contractors, management associations, etc.
  • • Issues concerning majority decisions

Nowadays, investing in real estate and/or property development is usually done by companies, and this always entails tax queries. That is exactly why Company Law is like an open book to us, and we are more than well versed in Fiscal L

General Company Law

  • Articles of association & shareholder agreements
  • Interests of (minority) shareholders
  • Disputes between shareholders
  • Director and management liability
  • Capital increases and decreases
  • Issue of shares, warrants and bonds
  • Pay-out of dividends
  • Family follow-up and inheritance law
  • Non-profit organisations and foundations
  • Restructuring and joint ventures

Mergers & Divisions

  • Contribution/transfer of jointly owned assets/branch of industry
  • Conversion, dissolution and liquidation
  • Joint ventures
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Pre-contractual Documentation

  • Due diligence
  • Financing of acquisitions
  • Private bid procedures, shoot-out
  • Statements and guarantees – guarantee structures
  • Transfer of shares
  • Venture capital (private equity)

Start-up Capital & Growth Capital

  • Buy-outs & buy-ins
  • Investment funds
  • Government subsidies
  • Banking law

Loan Agreements and Sureties

Project Finance

Fiscal Law

In view of the interests frequently involved, we often collaborate with fiscal law practices, or with accountants and auditors, who are specialists in the various issues relating to direct and indirect taxation.

We assist you, and implement the often highly complex legal information in the field, by putting it into practice in your company.